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What are they?

Crowns ( also known as Caps) are used to cover the entire tooth.  They are often used to protect the remaining tooth from fracture when a filling is inadequate.   A tooth that has had root canal treatment, a large cavity , a crack or is severly broken down are examples of when it is best to use a crown.  They are very durable and will last a long time under most circumstances.  You will be shown how to care for the crown so as to receive the longest possible use.

Different types

Porcelain fused to metal crowns are the most common type used as they are tooth colored and can be made to match your other teeth.  They can also be used to lighten your teeth to enhance your smile. Zirconia and lithium-disilicate crowns (also tooth colored) are becoming popular.

All metal crowns made with gold or non-precious metals are sometimes indicated for back teeth. 

What is involved?

Crowns usually take two appointments.  At the first appointment the tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic so that it can be comfortably shaped so that the crown can match the other teeth.  A highly accurate  impression is taken of the tooth. This is used by the dental laboratory to fabricate a custom crown that will only fit your tooth.  Before you leave a temporary crown is placed on you tooth so that you can eat comfortably. At the second appointment the temporary crown is removed and the custom crown is placed using a srong cement.  Your bite is checked to ensure that you are biting properly.
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