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Over time, teeth may darken or become discolored. Smoking, coffee, tea and certain fruits can stain teeth. Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that reverses discolorations of the enamel to create a whiter, brighter smile. After determining the exact cause of your tooth discoloration, we will recommend a whitening regime to meet your specific situation.  Yellow brown stains respond the best to bleaching.

Only the natural tooth structure is affected by the bleach.  Existing crowns and tooth colored fillings will not lighten with bleach.  This may result in the need to replace existing restorations after the teeth are bleached.   Bleaching isnot a permanant solution.  However, it is easy to periodically re-bleach to achieve the original results

The most popular way of bleaching is home bleaching.  It is generally less costly compared to office bleaching which can sometimes take several appointments.


Home Bleaching

At the first appointment impressions are taken so a custom well-adapted tray can me made.     The  tray holds the bleach in contact with the teeth for the necessary length of time.

At the second appointment the tray is fitted and delivered. Instructions on bleaching use is  discussed. Some  patients experience some level of sensitivity to either the teeth and/or gums. This is not unusual. Should this occur it is temporary.

Office Bleaching

Office bleaching involves using stronger bleaches than are available for the home trays.  It can speed up the bleaching process; however, it is still recommended  for the best results to  follow- up  with home trays
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